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Engaze CEO

Tanmoy Basak

CEO, engaze.ai

Ordering process

Order taking for customers


Product Enhancement Options

Categories, variations & add ons for your products

Map-Driven and Area Detection

Map based & area based location detection

Seamless OTP-Free Authentication

Automatic login and seamless ordering

Smart solution

Unlock a Smarter Sales Strategy with
Our Platform

Optimize you sales pipeline for maximum sales and revenue

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Take orders directly through link

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Say goodbye to complicated forms and logins- our simple link-based system is all you need

Take orders inside facebook & messenger

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Take orders through QR code

take order through link

Create you digital menu and promote your sales, getQR

QR code ordering

Take dine in, in house orders with QR code

Table management

Automatic table detection with our QR codes

Boost your sales

Use QR in posters, placards and more

Convert messages into orders - open
your online store