The story of engaze

Engaze was founded with a simple mission in mind - to empower businesses with technology and automate customer support. Our team recognized the need for an AI powered platform that could drive sales, provide customer support and facilitate growth.

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Founders team

About our team

Founded by a team with years of experience working together, engaze now has a team of professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise ⚡. We love solving problems, and we love technology, and that keeps us going 💪 .

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Engaze team


The journey of team



engaze - The platform for customer support

The first version of engaze was launched that provided a platform to handle customer support on social media platforms


engaze - The sales driving platform

Engaze quickly expanded to customer demands to support sales, deliveries and payments


engaze - The 360° business management suite

Engaze has expanded to support 3000+ stores who manage their businesses offline and online. We strive to become the de facto business tool of 21st century

Our culture

The core values behind
our work


We are committed to the success of our customers and strive to provide them with the most cutting edge solution


We believe in the power of collaboration and work closely with our team members and partners to achieve shared goals


We understand that the business trends are always changing, and we have the ability to create integrations and partnerships


Where we are